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The Mighty Vaporizer Review

Thomas Wilson

The Mighty is our all-time favorite vaporizer. We truly believe it is amazing. The vapor produced by this device is wonderful, and the battery is also excellent. After all, it’s just a fantastic vaporizer in general.

In terms of flavor output, this is the greatest portable vaporizer. What we enjoy best about the Mighty is that there is little warm-up hit. It warms up almost instantly and produces a large amount of tasty vapor.

The third thing we enjoy is that the vapor is really mild in terms of temperature. It almost seems like you’re simply breathing in the open air, which is a nice thing. Other vaporizers usually produce hotter vapor, which can be quite irritating to your airways over time.

There’s also a built-in pokey at the underside of it. It’s only a small piece of plastic. But suppose you’ve ever used a vaporizer. In that case, you definitely know how beneficial a pokey can be simply to get the muck out of there so you can replace and clean the bowl.

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