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Boundless CF Review


It’s a good portable vaporizer that’s reasonably priced—a good substitute for the XMAX Starry, or maybe something similar. Suppose you’re seeking an entry-level pocket vaporizer with minimal gimmicks that function well right out of the packaging and have sufficient battery performance. In that case, this one is certainly worth a look.

It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but you can simply set the temperature quickly through the five indicators. It also features a battery meter, so you can check your battery capacity by pressing the button three times.

It has a definitely attractive shape, even when contrasted to the CFX, the CF’s larger sibling. It feels good in your palm and fits easily in your pocket. The size is even suitable for daily use at home and is really pleasant to handle.

However, you must keep a watch on it to see when it has finished charging. You can damage the battery by overcharging it a few times, which will severely drain it.

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