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Arizer Solo 2 Review

Thomas Wilson

It’s a significantly enhanced version of the old Solo that’s well worth a look. The functionality is excellent, it’s easy to clean and maintain, and the battery lasts forever. What else could you ask for?

It’s undeniably one of the greatest vaporizers on the market today that comes at a reasonable price. If you’d like a portable vaporizer for at-home use, it’s difficult to recommend anything other than the Solo 2.

The first thing we noticed is that it has excellent airflow and vapor output. As a result, you may obtain good vapor from it without having to work too hard. You simply inhale through the side to warm it up.

Everything can also be done via the display, like changing the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit. You also have the option to modify the sound presets and the duration for the auto-shutoff. That’s something you won’t find in many other vaping devices.

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