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4 Ways to Simplify Your Vaping Routine


Do you ever think about all of the things that you need to do to keep your vaping device up and running and find that it’s all begun to feel a bit like work? If you use a rebuildable atomizer, you’re building a new coil – or at least cleaning and maintaining your current coil – every few days. If you’re using a tank with pre-built coils, it’s a bit less work – but you still need to rinse and dry your tank during every coil change to ensure that you’ll get the best possible flavor. On top of those things, you’re also refilling your device – possibly several times a day – and keeping your batteries topped up.

When you were new to vaping, maintaining your device didn’t feel like work – it felt like you were merely playing with a new gadget and keeping your equipment in good working order. Now, though, you may find yourself wondering why maintaining your vape has to feel like so much effort. You’ve tried some different e-liquids, but it’s done little to increase your level of enjoyment. As it turns out, what you really need isn’t a new vape juice flavor – you need to simplify your vaping routine and spend more time enjoying your vape instead of maintaining it.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas that can help to make your vaping routine easier and significantly more fun.

Switch to Disposable Vapes

When you visit a store like Oklahoma City vape shop The Vape Bar, you’re going to notice that the product selection has really changed over the past couple of years. In particular, disposable vapes have become arguably the most popular products on the market. If you’re a longer-term vaper, you may have ignored the proliferation of disposable vapes at your local vape shop because you tried them back when vaping was new and didn’t enjoy the experience.

Disposable vapes have changed in two primary ways over the years, and those changes have been instrumental in the burgeoning popularity of the devices.

  • They’re now available in an enormous variety of different flavors. In the past, most disposable e-cigarettes only came in tobacco and menthol.
  • They’re now using higher-strength nicotine salt e-liquids, and that has enabled them to deliver the same level of satisfaction as tobacco cigarettes.

If you’re looking for ways to simplify your vaping routine, the main appeal for you will be the fact that a disposable vape requires no maintenance whatsoever. You simply use it until it’s out of e-liquid, and then you switch to another device. With today’s disposable vapes, it isn’t even necessary to replace your device every day. Some modern disposable vapes contain enough nicotine to replace an entire carton of cigarettes.

Make Your Coils Last Longer

Rebuilding or replacing your vape coils is another part of your vaping routine that can really begin to feel like a lot of work after a while. If you use a rebuildable atomizer, building a new coil can easily take 20 minutes or more – even if you’re an experienced coil builder. Replacing the coil in a tank is relatively easier, but you still need to rinse and dry your tank during coil replacements for the best possible flavor. You also need to prime your new coils when installing them for the best longevity. You’re looking for ways to simplify your routine, but you might not want to do something as drastic as switching to high-strength disposable vapes.

If that’s the case, your next best option is to make choices that help your coils last longer. Specifically, you need to switch from coil-killing sweetened e-liquids to vape juices that don’t contain sucralose. That one simple switch can increase the average life of a coil from a day or two to a week or longer. It won’t just help you save a lot of money; it’ll also drastically reduce the amount of effort involved in keeping your vaping device in good working order.

Get New Batteries or a Longer-Lasting Device

Charging your device or batteries is another part of maintaining your vape that can begin to feel like a lot of effort after a while – especially if it feels like you have to connect your device to your computer several times a day to keep the battery topped up. If charging your device is starting to feel like too much work, there’s a good chance that the battery no longer has the same capacity as when it was new. A lithium-ion battery typically lasts for at least a few hundred charge-discharge cycles before its capacity noticeably decreases. If you’re recharging your device two or more times every day, though, you could end up cycling the battery that many times in less than a year. If you replace your device – or replace the battery in a removable-battery device – you’ll find that you don’t have to pause for charging so often.

Start Reducing Your Nicotine Intake

If you’ve tried the other tips in this article and still find yourself dreading the maintenance tasks you have to perform to keep your vaping device in good working order, maybe the real root of the problem is that vaping just isn’t as enjoyable for you as it once was. E-liquid does contain nicotine, but it doesn’t contain the many other chemicals in cigarettes that help to reinforce nicotine addiction. Many people find that once they’ve completely transitioned from smoking to vaping, they simply don’t feel as dependent on nicotine as they did in the past. Maybe the fact that you aren’t enjoying vaping as much as you used to is simply your body’s way of telling you that you’re ready to start reducing your nicotine intake.

If you’re ready to start cutting back on vaping, an easy way to do that is by using a device with a built-in puff counter. Many vape mods have puff counters, making it easy to see how many times you vape each day. You can also try using another alternative nicotine product – like nicotine pouches – and keeping your vaping device on the shelf until you really want to use it. For many people, switching to vaping isn’t an end point – it’s just a big step in a process that ultimately leads to quitting nicotine altogether. If you’ve reached that point, it might be time for you to start reducing your nicotine intake.

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