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The Ultimate Guide for Packing Your Dry Herb


This is our guide on packing your dry herb vaporizer to obtain even more vapor and also the greatest output. Packing your vaporizer correctly provides various benefits, including thicker, stronger, and smoother vapor.

Most vaporizers operate best when the herb is ground very finely. When you’re using a standard 4-piece aluminum grinder, you may load your herb in the container and grind while holding the grinder upside-down. This to get a finer herb grind result.

Likewise crucial, most vapes require you to load the herb container full and pretty tightly. This directly correlates with grinding finely because packing tightly with coarse material can hinder airflow.

Nonetheless, several portable vaporizers work better with a looser pack. A looser pack here means packing the herb full and softly tamping it to even out the herb without applying any tension.

It might also be good to let the herb dry out a little before grinding and packing it. This usually results in the herb breaking up into smaller chunks. Typically, you must go through some experimentation to obtain the optimal herb texture.

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