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Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers Cleaning Guide


Now, before we give you a detailed mighty vaporizer cleaning guide, Let’s have a quick look at this explainer video:

Cleaning your Crafty & Mighty vaporizers should be done around every twelve sessions. This will make the unit clean and offer you a fresh and pleasant vapor output.

The top section, which includes the cooling unit, is the one that requires the most attention. The base screen in the chamber should survive for a long time before having to be renewed.

Wipe out the chamber after each usage, and you will keep it looking like new for more time. Just do it while the vaporizer is still warm, and it will demand fewer deep cleanings.

Although some experts advise against soaking the components in isopropyl alcohol, it is the quickest and easiest way to clean them. Do this immediately after a session while the vapor is still warm. Disassemble the cooling unit and immerse the components in isopropyl alcohol for no more than thirty minutes.

Remember that the entire procedure is much faster if the vaporizer is warm, so try warming it up for a few minutes or so before starting. Wet wipes, regular or precision cotton swabs, a toothpick, and a stirring tool are all you’ll need.

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