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Everything You Should Know About Loading Your Pen Vaporizer with Wax

Thomas Wilson

We know you are here to discover how to pack a vape pen, so let’s get started. The instructions below apply to many vaporizer pens that use wax and oil concentrate.

The basic architecture of almost all dab pens is the same: a power source, a chamber, and a tip. To begin, remove the pen’s tip to reveal the chamber. Inside, you should see the coil, which acts as the heat source.

Put your concentrate right on top of the coil, making sure not to damage the coil with your dab tip. Typically, your wax or oil will be sticky and will not easily come off. So, it’s OK to carefully fiddle with it a bit to get it off the tip.

Before you begin vaping, melt your wax around the coil. This is meant to enable the pen to create extra vapor and more consistent puffs right from the start.

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