Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer
Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer

Ago G5 Dual Use Vaporizer

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The original dry herb vaporizer is one of the most easiest to use. Take it out the box and use it right away. With its simple 5 click battery and swift detachable parts, you'll be on your way to a smooth vaping experience. If you're tired of using a portable herbal vape pen that keeps breaking down, you finally found the right one.



The Ago G5 herbal vape pen features an LCD display battery. The 900mAh battery lasts for over three hours of continuous use. The threading on both the battery and the atomizer are 510 threading. You can use any other 510 thread threading interchangeably. 510 thread is a most common threading and most vape pens use it.


How Do I Use It?

As mentioned, one of the easiest herbal vape pen to use is the Ago G5. 

Vaporize your herbs:

  • Click the battery five times to turn it on.
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece from herbal atomizer until the round flat coils are exposed.
  • Grind your dry herbs, preferably with a grinder, then drop it in 
  • Close the mouthpiece.
  • Click the power button, wait 3 seconds then slowly start vaping.


Why Should I get a G5?
The Ago G5 vape pen is the original dry herb vaporizer. It offers the very best in the world of pen vaporizers melding reliability, portability, functionality and performance. If your in need for an all in one vape, the G5 is for you!


Is the G5 Safe?
Of course! The G5 has many safety features like short circuit prevention and automatic cut-off features when the battery is being engaged for too long. This prevents both damage and battery failure. For more usage tips be sure to check your Ago G5 manual and practice safe usage like proper storing and cleaning.


What's the Difference Between Dual & Triple Use?
The dual & triple use Ago G5 vaporizer sets are both the same base sets. The dual use Ago G5 tobacco vaporizer comes with only one attachment being for dry herbs and concentrates. It is mostly efficient for herbs as the wax atomizer can be purchased separate. The triple use kit ships with 3 attachments for dry herbs, waxes, and e-juice. Many users have different preferences on what they need their G5 to do so we offer two separate sets for your preference.


Will the G5 Burn My Herbs?
Some customers have asked whether or not this vape will combust their tobacco or herbs and if it's an issue performance wise. The standard herbal atomizer chamber vaporizes its contents directly on its heating coil which can mean a thicker or harder vapor delivery. It can depend on how the chamber is packed and the material of its contents. 


Do All Atomizer Fit the Ago?
The Ago G5 uses a universal and the most popular threading embraced by the industry, the 510 thread herbal atomizer. There is a wide variety of 510 threaded attachments available for the Ago G5 from many popular 3rd parts ranging from tanks, Ce4/Ce5 attachments, herbal chambers, wax atomizers and more. Changing attachments is simple. Just twist to remove current attachment and twist back on the desired new attachment. Thats it! It's that easy!


Should I get the Single or Triple ?
We recomend the Triple use G5 set for overall best value. Even though  you may consider yourself a dry herb vaper only, you might find yourself needing these attachments in the future. Purchasing the all in one set is by far the most economical solution rather than acquiring separate parts.


How Long Will the FREE Shipping Take?
All orders that are placed before 2 pm Pacific are shipped out the same day. Orders are shipped out from California. Below is the estimated time on how long it takes to get your order.

Westcoast - 1-2 days.

Mountain States - 2-3 Days

Midwest - 2-3 Days

Eastcoast - 3-4 Days




Ago G5 Dual Use Vape Includes:

1– Rubber Mouthpiece
1– Ceramic Filter
2– Springs
1– Steel Mesh Filter & Spring
1– Ceramic Heating Chamber & Chamber Connector
1– 900mAh Battery w/ LCD Screen
1– USB Adapter
1– USB Wall Charger
1– Packing Tool
1– Cleaning Brush
1– User Manual


*For Tobacco Use Only*

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