Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer
Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer
Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer
Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer

Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer

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Features of the Yocan Magneto

  • No Threading
  • Built in Wax Container
  • Magnetic Attachments
  • 1100mAh Battery
  • Pocket Friendly and Compact
  • Multiple Layers of Ceramic Atomizer



  • Awesome Magnetic feature
  • Eliminate complexities
  • Good vapor quality
  • Battery life is great
  • Very portable
  • Built-in Loader


  • No temperature control



The Yocan Magneto comes fully magnetic so no need to screw the battery or atomizer. You can just pull. It is pretty easy to use and load. The device is portable and fits in your hand and pocket with ease.

Easy to Use

The Yocan Magneto eliminate complexities in terms of operation. The main feature of the wax pen is its ease of use. The single button design and no temperature control allow you to use the device in just a few clicks, you simply load, turn on the device, and take a draw. The built-in wax tool allows you to scoop the wax/concentrates on to the coil.  The magnetic threading enables you to detach the parts without difficulty as well as joining things tightly together. The Magneto is user-friendly and can be used by beginners with no wax experience and it gets the job done anywhere.


The Yocan Magneto has different color options available, including black, red, blue, silver, etc. So if like keeping things on the low while on the go, you should select one of the subdued colors of the device like the black.  

The wax pen is very portable measuring 19mm x 112mm, around the size of a thick marker. It can comfortably fit in your hand and pocket, so you don't need to worry about someone noticing what you have inside your pocket.

Yocan made loading the Magneto as stress-free as possible which makes it easy for you to load your device without attracting public eyes to yourself. It features a built-in storage container which allows you to bring all your concentrates while completely staying under the radar.


Build Quality  

The Yocan Magneto is a well crafted vaping pen that looks really nice and feels great when held. The exterior is made out of stainless steel which makes it very durable. Unlike other devices that have screw connections, the Magento features magnetic connections which make it a lot easier for you to assemble and disassemble the parts whenever you want to load or clean it. The mouthpiece and the atomizer lid features a full magnetic design which is awesome and saves time.

It comes with a built-in wax tool which you can use to scoop your material and place right on top of the coil. The coil is made of a ceramic barrel and heats up the material pretty well. The overall build design is really impressive and makes it look expensive.   


Vapor Quality  

The vapor quality of the Yocan Magneto Wax Pen is quite decent. And it produces even better vapor when you load the device with a small amount of wax. Although the coils give off a kind of metallic taste, but it doesn’t alter the flavor of your material.

Since it doesn’t come with a precise temperature control, you just need to press and release the power button until you feel comfortable with the heat.


Battery Life

The Magneto Wax Pen is powered by a 1100mAh 510 thread Ego Style battery. So the battery life is fairly strong when compared with most wax pens that feature the standard 650mAh Ego Style 510 thread batteries. The 1100mAh battery is strong as a bomb and capable of lasting for few days on a full charge if used moderately.

Unlike many other wax pen that use batteries that are charged separately by an external 510 thread connector, you can conveniently charge the device because it has a micro USB slot on the side of the battery. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach full charge.

Temperature Settings

The Yocan Magneto doesn’t come with precise temperature control, but you can manually regulate the temperature. To do this, simply press and release the single button on the device until you're satisfied with the heat. The highest temperature of the Magneto is not specified, but its heating capacity is fairly high. The manufacturer did not provide such information in the instruction manual.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Magneto is easy, thanks to the special ceramic coil that helps burn off wax efficiently. You can clean your vape after several usages to remove the unpleasant vaping taste. When it’s time to clean the Magneto, simple power on the device to burn off all the wax. Then you can use a Q-tip to swab off any residue that got stuck to the chamber.

Soak the atomizer tube, the wax tool, and storage chamber in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours and raise with warm water. Allow the parts to dry before reassembling the parts.

    Overall Experience

    The magneto is an incredible wax pen with great potential. Its design is a complete revolution of the age-old model of many wax pens on the market. Loading and using the device is so simple and different from others. Overall, the Yocan Magneto is a solid wax pen that boasts of unique features.

    How to Use the Yocan Magneto

    Follow these simple steps to use your Magneto wax pen. As usual, the first thing you should do in setting up the new device is fully charging the battery for first use. There is a micro USB cable in the package that you can use to charge the device.

    Next is to load the device. To do this, pull out both the magnetic atomizer tube (cover) and the magnetic coil cap that also acts as the loader for easy loading.

    Use the the coil cap to scoop a small amount of wax and reinsert back into its chamber (do not overfill for best experience). Doing this is pretty fast because of the magnetic feature.

    Put back the magnetic atomizer tube to its original position.  Next, turn on the little device by pressing the power button five times, and you are all good to go. Press and hold the power button while taking a hit.