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G Pen Pro Features

  • A built-in battery that takes only two to three hours to fully charge and typically runs for approximately an hour.
  • An easy-to-use interface that is very beginner-friendly.
  • It comes with its own packing, cleaning, and grinding tools, which is very helpful for beginners who may not already have those tools on hand.
  • A rubberized mouthpiece to help reduce temperatures.
  • A 3-temperature LED light display


The G Pen Pro, an herbal vaporizer offered by the company Grenco Science, is an update of an earlier version of their vape pen line offered in 2014. For those of you who are interested in purchasing this product, here is a thorough review that will help you come the decision on whether or not you should buy the G Pen Pro.



Some of the most enjoyed aspects of the device include…

  • Its lightweight and compact body, which makes it easily portable.
  • The shape of the body, which makes it impossible for it to roll off of flat surfaces when it is placed down by the user.
  • There are very little removable parts, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.
  • It shuts off automatically in the event that you forget to turn it off yourself.
  • The device heats up fairly fast.



There are very few things that users may not enjoy about this model. However, these cons include…

  • If you do not grind your herb of choice well-enough, the device gets clogged quite easily.
  • It lacks a digital display and opts instead for a simple LED interface, which gives users limited control over the temperature of the device.



Speaking to the quality of the pen itself, the G Pen Pro is fairly well-built, easy to use and take with you, and will last for a decent amount of time if you take care of it as instructed. Speaking to the quality of the vapor which it produces, the G Pen Pro is about the same as other pens. The vapor is smooth and enjoyable but it is comparable to most pens on the market.



The G Pen Pro, standing at approximately six-and-a-half inches and weighing less than half-a-pound, is a sleek black pen that is shaped almost like a rounded triangle rather than the traditional cylindrical shape that most vape pens take. The front of the device features an on button with four LED lights that will change colors depending on the temperature of the vape pen and will also let you know your current battery level. Below the four lights is the signature Grenco Science “G” logo. The inside of the pen holds a ceramic heating chamber that can hold up to .2 grams of any herb.


How to Use

To begin using your G Pen Pro, load the ceramic chamber with your choice of herb. Make sure not to overload it, however, as it will block the airflow and make it more difficult to use your vaporizer properly. Once you’ve loaded the chamber, press the on-button on the front of the device quickly five times in a row. The LED lights will display a blue light once the device is on, which is also the lowest heat setting for the device. To raise the temperature to medium or high, which is displayed as green and red, click the button until you have reached the desired temperature. The LED lights will blink in intervals and will stop when the device is preheated enough to vape from. You may then begin smoking. When you’re done, all you have to do is click the device another five times quickly. Also, if you forget to turn it off, it will automatically do so for you.


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