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What Is a Dab Pen?

As vaping becomes more popular, more technology emerges that helps you get a more valuable experience out of smoking your herbs, oils, and concentrates. The terminology in the industry increases and there is more to learn about. For those of you who have not heard of a dab pen, this page will teach you what a wax vaporizer is to help you learn more about them and whether or not they are right for you.


What Are Wax Concentrates?

Wax concentrates are what dab pens help you to melt down and turn into a vapor when you smoke from your pen. Wax concentrates refer to the oil that certain dry herbs produce when it is extracted from the herb itself. The oil left over from the extraction process then hardens and becomes the wax concentrate.


How a Wax Vape Pen Works

A dab pen is a vaporizer pen that is capable of handling temperatures that vaporize the wax concentrates inside of your device. Underneath mouthpiece is usually the atomizer with a small coil that helps to heat up the wax directly rather than placing it inside of a heating chamber. Some pens that heat both wax and herbs/oils will feature a heating chamber that is capable of handling both materials.


Using and Loading Your Dab Pen

Wax vape pens are built a little differently than vape pens. It’s vital to have the right tools and to know how to load your wax in your pen to use it. You will need a tool known as a dabber. A dabber is essentially a small spoon-like that tool that allows you to carefully break up your wax and scoop it into your atomizer. Be careful with your atomizer as the coils are very sensitive. It can break if you scoop the wax directly onto them or accidentally poke and prod them.

Once you have broken up your wax and loaded some into your atomizer, you can typically put your mouthpiece back on and press the button to start your dab pen. Every dab pen is different so starting up and using your pen will vary depending on the model.


The Benefits of Using a Dab Pen

There are many benefits that come with using a dab pen. Here are a few:

Quick One Hitter

Dab pens don’t take a lot of time to heat up and you don’t often need to vape much to get a decent high from them, which means they will last longer since you will need to use less battery during a vape session.


It can be a pain to carry around large rigs and blowtorches that you have to set up every time you want to take a dab. With a dab pen, all you have to do is preheat it and it is ready to go whenever you need it since it is compact and portable.


It seems as though everyone vapes these days, which it makes it even easier for you to bring around your dab pen and smoke concentrates discreetly. In addition, wax doesn’t smell as much as its herbal form would.


When it comes to vaping over burning it in a pipe, bong, or joint, vaping is much cheaper over time. You get more a better more benefits without having to smoke as much. You also don’t end up wasting as much material when you use a dab pen.


When you vape wax, it tastes a lot better than when you burn it. It also allows you to taste more of the hidden notes if your wax is mixed with another type of substance.

Eliminate Toxins

A dab rig can burn at a very high temperature. This can potentially create hazardous compounds. When you allow herbs to combust and you inhale that smoke into your lungs, it allows for tar buildup and increases the chances of diseases such as lung cancer. When you dab, the substance isn’t burned but rather it is boiled until it turns into a vapor, which is much healthier for you.


Dab Vape Heating Coils

The different types of dab pen heating coils include:


Titanium makes up one of the fastest heating coils. It also manages to retain heat for a long amount of time, making for a quick and long-lasting vape session. The only problem with titanium nails is that they are susceptible to oxidization over time.


Quartz, while it has the fastest heat up time among dab coils, does not manage to retain heat very well. Which is perfect for those who enjoy quick vaping sessions and small amounts of hits. However, if you use your pen quite often, be careful. Quartz is known to break easily if used a lot.


Ceramic is the slowest heating coil for your dab. However, it is also the coil that retains heat for the longest amount of time and is perfect if you expect to have long vape sessions. Much like quartz, ceramic is also known to break if used quite often.

Coilless Plate Disc

Coilless plate discs are made to help you get the most out of your wax but are typically lower temperature pieces and require more power to help heat it up.


Difference Between a Dab Pen and a Vape Pen

Although there aren’t too many differences between the way a dab pen and a vape pen function, the difference lies in the definition. A dab pen is made to help you vape wax concentrates while a vape pen is designed to help you vaporize liquids and oils. They are mostly built the same but wax concentrates are typically put into direct contact with coils. Liquid oils are generally placed into the tank.


Tips on Choosing a Dab Pen

Here are a couple of things to take into consideration while you are shopping for your dab pen:


Size and Portability

Although larger wax vaporizers or e-Rigs are generally more powerful, they aren’t as portable. On the other hand, a smaller dab pen may not be as powerful but can usually be carried anywhere and are very discreet.


Battery Life

Not all dab pens are made to last for long vape sessions. If you are someone who wants to vape throughout the day, you should probably look for a dab pen that has a longer battery life.



The quality of the build of the dab pen you like and the quality of the vapor it produces are both important factors. A poorly built dab pen won’t last as long, won’t have that great of a battery life, and may even pose a safety hazard if it doesn’t block the heat from reaching your lips. Also, the wrong coil can break easily and may affect the taste of your dabs.



While expensive does not necessarily equal high-quality these days, it is true that the more expensive pens are built to last. However, you can find a good dab pen under $100.



You should always purchase a dab pen with an extensive warranty. This way, if something malfunctions or is damaged due to problems with the unit itself, you are covered under the device’s warranty.



Your dab pen should give you the most out of your wax without having to overwork itself or wasting any of the contents. Efficiency is king and you should look for the most efficient dab pen you can afford.


Temperature Control

Temperature is important when it comes to vaping because it allows you to experiment with temperatures and how they affect taste, experience, and the vaping session overall. If you can, look for a dab pen that has a temperature control feature as well as a digital screen that shows you what temperature you’re at.


Dual Use

You may or may not need this feature but if you typically vape dabs as well as herbs or oils, you may want to search for a dab pen that allows you to do both.



What to Know About Your Dab Pen

Here are a few more things that you should take into consideration and know before you purchase a dab pen.


Know What You’re Trying to Dab

Some dab pens are built for waxes with certain consistencies in mind. It is very helpful if you know what type of wax you are trying to dab before you purchase a dab pen. There isn’t any negative effects or consequences with vaping a different kind of wax, but you can better optimize for it.



Read the terms and conditions of your warranty carefully. A warranty may not cover everything and if you buy a dab pen that malfunctions and the malfunction isn’t covered under the warranty, you are going to be left with a broken dab pen.



Make sure to pay attention to the type of wax pen battery that your dab pen is using, where it’s located, how it is recharged, how long it takes to recharge, and how long it lasts after it is fully charged. All these are very important factors that affect how often you can vape and how often your sessions will last, a battery for a wax pen is important.


510 Thread

Pay attention to this term as it is very important when purchasing your dab pen. This term refers to a type of connection, usually between the mouthpiece and the atomizer or the atomizer and the battery. If you want a bigger mouthpiece and feel like customizing, some pieces are only compatible with specific threads and devices. If you choose a dab pen with a connection that is incompatible with most pieces, you’re out of luck. Being able to replace the battery is also very important.

Hopefully this guide will help you to choose your first dab pen when the time comes. Did you like this guide? If so, take a look around our website for more valuable vaping advice and products!

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