Dry Herb Vaporizers: Beginners Guide to Vaping Herbs

No matter what type of vape enthusiast you are, we all have to start somewhere! There’s always a learning curve when it comes to using new devices and that is definitely true when it comes to using a vaporizer compatible with dry herbs. If this is your first time vaping dry herbs or if this is something that you’re considering doing in the near future, here is a beginners guide to vaping herbs.


What Is an Herbal Vaporizer?

An herbal vaporizer is a vaporizer device that only vaporizes dry herbs. The device is designed to hold dry herbs within a small inner chamber that is inside of your device. When the device is powered on, it heats up the inner chamber to begin the vaping process. Once a high enough temperature is reached, the active ingredients within your dry herbs is released into a vapor, which then can be inhaled from the vaporizer. These features may be somewhat altered if you purchase a dry herb vaporizer that can also be used to vape multiple devices.


Convection Vs. Conduction Vs. Hybrid

When you begin looking for a dry herb vaporizer, you may notice three terms that pop up repeatedly throughout your search.


The first term, convection, refers to the convection heating process. This method occurs when the herbs held within the inner chamber of your device are surrounded by hot air. The hot air will gradually heat up the active ingredients within your herbs and produce a vapor when the right temperature is reached. This heating process is slow but efficient and releases all the flavor profiles of your dry herbs.


The second term, conduction, refers to the conduction heating process. This process occurs when dry herbs are applied directly to a heat source within your device. The heat source applies direct heat to the surface of your dry herbs and quickly heats up the inner ingredients. This heating process is fast and powerful, which is perfect for those who get impatient when waiting to vape.


The third term, hybrid, refers to a combination of the two heating processes mentioned above. While your herbs are heated using the conduction process, the convection heating process works to heat up the rest of the parts of your herbs that are not heated in the conduction process. This type of heating process is extremely efficient and powerful.

While all three heating methods work, the convection heating process is generally considered the best heating method for dry herb vaporizers.



How to Use an Herbal Vape

Before you begin searching for a unit, you are going to need to know how to use a dry herb vaporizer. Here is a short guide that describes how to use an herbal vape.

Prepping Herbs

    Unfortunately, you cannot just take your favorite herbs and throw them into the dry herb chamber and begin vaping. You must prep your herbs properly before you begin a vape session. To prep your herbs for vaping, you will need to purchase a grinder or break up your herbs finely by hand. The better and the more even the grind, the easier it is for your vape to heat up your herbs and release the best vapors. However, it is important to make sure that you do not grind it into a powder. This will block air flow and will be near impossible for your vape to heat the herbs efficiently.

    On that note, it is also important to mention that the quality of the herb matters as well. If your herbs are too brittle and dry, they are not going to heat up very well. The opposite applies to herbs that are too moist. Try to find herbs with the best of both worlds to have the best vape session.

    Preparing Your Vape

    If this is your first time using your unit, you may have to assemble it before you begin using it. You may also need to turn it on for the first time and adjust your temperature settings before you begin vaping your dry herbs. Whatever it is that your vaporizer’s user manual asks of you before you begin using it, follow those directions carefully.

    Loading Your Chamber

    If you followed the first step correctly, you should have finely ground herb on the sidelines ready to go. Take those finely ground herbs and find your inner chamber. If you have a vape pen, the inner chamber should be located underneath the mouthpiece and can be found by removing the mouthpiece from the device. If you have a handheld vape, it should be a similar process.

    Once you’ve found your chamber, begin loading the herbs into your vape. Do not press down to be able to load more in. This will decrease airflow and make it harder for your device to heat up the herbs. Simply fill your inner chamber with herbs until it is almost filled to the top but has enough space so that it is not overpacked.

    Heating Your Herbs

    Once the inner chamber is packed and you’ve closed the mouthpiece, you will now be ready to start the vaping process. Turn on your device and it should begin to preheat immediately. If your herbal vape comes without precision temperature settings or preset temperature settings, the vaporizer will typically begin heating up to the temperature on its own. If it comes with preset temperature settings, find the one that you would like and program your device to that specified temperature. If your device comes with precision temperature controls, set your device to your desired temperature and allow it to heat up.

    Vaporizer heat settings


    Vaping Your Herbs

    Once you’ve allowed your dry herb vaporizer to preheat, it should be ready to take a hit from. Most vaporizers will often require you to press and hold the power button while you take a draw. However, some may allow you to vape freely. Take a look at your device’s directions to see how your device operates. You are now ready to vape your dry herbs!


    How to Pack an Herbal Chamber

    The way that you pack your herbal chamber is vital and will directly affect the quality of your vapor session. As we stated earlier in the article, the quality of your herbs and the way that you grind them plays a huge role in how effective your vape will be able to heat your herbs. To make sure that you have a quality vaping experience, use herbs that are neither too dry or moist but a perfect mix of the two qualities. When grinding, make sure that the herbs are ground finely but that they are not ground down to a powder. Much like herbs that are not broken up well enough, herbs that are ground too finely are hard to heat up and will provide your vape with too much draw resistance.

    The majority of the battle comes with the initial parts mentioned above. Once you’ve managed to grind your herbs, all you have to do is place them into the inner chamber of your vape. Make sure not to pack the chamber too much or else or you may experience severe draw resistance. If you pack it too loosely, you may not get an even heating with your herbs and could be vaping absolutely nothing. The key to this entire process is balance!



    5 Needed Features on a Weed Vaporizer

    As with every device, there are features that you will absolutely need on your vaporizer if you want to have an amazing vaping experience each time that you use your vape. Here are the top five needed features that should be included with your weed vaporizer.

    1. Temperature Control Settings

    If you want to truly enjoy your dry herbs, you are going to want to have a vaporizer that has temperature control settings. Different temperatures alter your herbs and provide different flavor profiles. With temperature control settings, you can experience your herbs at every heat setting and figure out what works best for you. When you begin looking for a vaporizer, search for one that has precision temperature controls. This is the best feature that will give you full control over your temperature. If you must, go for one that has preset temperature settings so that you have several choices. Every herb is going to have a different temperature to vaporize at.

    1. Battery Life

    A vaporizer is of no use to you if you can’t bring it around and use it as often as you want. Unfortunately, some vaporizer devices will give you a battery that will only last a few sessions and that will need to be recharged on a regular basis. This is almost as good as having no vape at all! Look for a vaporizer device that is known to have a long-lasting battery life between uses. If you can, also try to find a vape that either has interchangeable batteries or pass-through charging capabilities so that you never have to put an end to your vape session!

    vape battery safety


    1. Heating Method

    We’re just going to go out on a limb here and say it: Convection heating is the best heating method out of the three that are currently provided. It gives your herbs enough time to bake properly. It also makes sure that you get a powerful and flavorful cloud of vapor each time that you hit it. Although it can be a little more expensive and slower than the average heating process, it will definitely be worth all of the great vaping sessions that you will experience when you use convection heating on your dry herbs.

    1. Display Screen

    Most people like to know exactly what is going on with their vaporizers. No one wants to sit around and wonder if their vape is heating up, what temperature it is at, and how much time they have left before their battery dies. To avoid these problems, look for a vaporizer device that has a display screen. These screens will typically let you know what temperature your vape is at and will also give you a run down on your battery life. You will typically find display screens on vaporizers that also have precision temperature control features.

    1. Heating Chamber

    Of course, every vaporizer you are looking for is going to need a heating chamber. However, the type of heating chamber that comes inside of your vape is very important. For example, one of the biggest factors is size. You are going to need a larger chamber so that you can hold more for each vape session. Size also plays a role when it comes to how often you want to pack your device for each session.

    Another factor that is important is the material that your heating chamber is made out of. When you are looking for a vaporizer, you are going to want to see if you can find a heating chamber that is made out of either titanium, glass, or ceramic. These materials will prevent your flavor of your dry herbs from being affected by the internal materials. These materials will also hold up for a long time after repetitive use and are extremely effective when it comes to heating your dry herbs.



    Dry Herb Vaping Tips

    Now that we’ve covered some of the most important features that you should be looking for in your ideal dry herb vaporizer, here are some valuable dry herb vaping tips.

    Temperature Control Setting

    When you’ve found a vaporizer that has temperature control settings, it is important that you experiment as much as possible. While vaporizers do have vaporization points for dry herbs, the truth is that different temperatures including those that are higher and lower than the suggested temperature setting will change the way your herbs taste. To find your sweet spot, try out all of the possible temperature settings.

    Avoid Combustion

    The whole point of vaping is so that you don’t have to smoke. Smoking is the issue that causes health issues with your lungs and is something that you need to avoid if you want to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Although vaporizers are designed to only vaporize substances, high temperatures combined with certain heating methods could cause combustion. Make sure that you don’t set your temperatures too high to avoid combustion.

    Pack Tight

    Much like grinding, you need a happy medium when it comes to packing your heating chamber. If you pack too loosely, your device is going to have trouble heating up your herbs and will provide you with little to no vapor. If you pack too tight, you will have too much draw resistance and your device will also have trouble heating up your herbs. Pack tight enough so that you can get the best vaporization but not too tight so that your vaporizer can’t do its job.

    Inhale Lightly

    It’s only natural to inhale harder to get the most amount of vapor possible with each drag. Although this may work out with other mediums of smoking, it doesn’t work with vaping. In fact, to get a better amount of vapor and vapor production, you are going to need to take slower, longer, lighter pulls. Besides the fact that inhaling hard is ineffective, it also makes it harder for your vape to function properly. If you want the best vaping experience, inhale lightly.

    Right Grind

    As you may have gathered from previous points in the article, the way that you grind your dry herbs will determine the entire course of your vaping session. Make sure that you grind your herbs finely but not so fine that it turns into a powder. Herbs that are not ground finely will heat up inefficiently and herbs that are ground too fine will have an issue heating up and will also not allow the vapors to travel up to your mouthpiece. Think Goldilocks when you are grinding your herbs. It has to be just right.

    Clean Your Vape

    If you want your vape to work for a long time, maintenance is key. If you can remember to and if your vape is a device that needs it, do a little bit of maintenance each day to avoid having to deal with the built up residue that gathers over time. If you’ve forgotten to clean your vape for a while, deal with the residue immediately. However, be careful when it comes to cleaning and never immerse your vape parts in water unless it is directed in the instructions. The two main parts that you are going to need to focus on include the heating chamber and the mouthpiece. Cleaning these two pieces constantly will keep your vaping running as smoothly as when you first bought it!

    Cleaning Your Vape Pen


    Buying a dry herb vaporizer can be a great investment for those who want to truly enjoy their herbs and improve their overall health. If you’re looking into dry herb vaporizers but you are not sure how they work or what you should be looking for in a high-quality vape device, use this comprehensive guide you through the entire purchasing and using process. This reference will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision and give you the tips you need to vape the right way each time!