8 Tips on Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaping may have started out as a form of healthier alternative to combustion consumption but it has evolved into so much more. Now, it's all about style, self-expression, indulgence, and economic self-censure. In other words, vapors want taste, enjoyment, maximum pleasure, and the most mileage that they can get from those expensive products they are buying. 


Tips on How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer 

The ability to effectively attain the greatest level of vapor from dry herb consumption has been an exasperating experience for many vaping community members. In this article, we will go over the simple benefits of learning how to use your dry herb vape pen. 


1. Read Your Manual

Although most of the devices you will encounter are all similar, each one still comes with its own version of individual nuances that differentiate it from its alternate versions. There are various factors that do make an impact on the level of successful vaping you will get such as ceramic chamber versus steel, temperature variations, on board settings vs cyber linked, and the list goes on. Any of these facets can affect the standard of the levels you do or do not attain from your vaping session on every level from the taste, cloud density, effectiveness, duration (of your product and your unit), as well as the life span of your product.

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2. Fully Charged

The last thing you ever want to happen is for your battery to give out last minute. That will take the enjoyment of a good session away.  Sure, some units can be used while you are plugged in but if you are going to limit yourself to a tether you may as well be tethered to a desk top version at home. Beyond that it is a proven fact that using any vaping device is a set up for a catastrophe.


3. Temperature Setting

One of the most important features on a dry herb vaporizer is the temperature. This will definitely help you make sure your herbs are not combusting and turning into smoke. The first factor to get in order with the vaping experience is to give your unit the adequate amount of heating time. Then the most recommended tip is to start with the proper temperature needed for your specific herb. You don't want to heat it up too much because it will burn the herb. If you heat it up too little, it won't vape really well.

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4. First Dry Run

Just like anything else that is manufactured there will be residuals of production, packaging, and shipping solutions throughout the components of your device. That is why it is recommended by any discerning manufacturer that you dry run your unit through a dry session before you load your chamber. This is intended for you to enjoy your actual vaping experience and prevent the waste your product from undue harshness. 


5. The Grain of the Grind

The grind of the dry herb that you pack your bowl with will be a definitive factor in the way that your product burns. The fine ground product will burn faster unless it is packed tight in the chamber. If the product is too coarse then it will burn slower in clumps. It will require a higher level of maintenance to exhaust the contents. A medium grind is recommended to get the easiest air flow control, even burn ratio. 


6. The Firmness of the Bowl Pack

The next major factor that will elevate or diminish the levels of your accomplished vaping success will fall back on the tightness of the chamber pack. If it is too tight then it will restrict airflow. It could even run the risk of combustion as the heat accumulates in the restricted chamber. A bowl that is packed too loose will usually burn way too fast unless there is an enormous amount of moisture in your product. Usually the best recommendation to count as the general rule is to pack your bowl with a medium firmness. It will contain the air as it passes through the chamber. That will allow the air to heat and accumulate enough vapor to hold its density through the passage of the air channel.


7. Know the Vapor Path of Your Device

The channeling and the length of the vapor path makes a huge impact on the amount of force or restriction that you need to put behind the pull of the drag. If the vapor path is short and direct, then your hit could be full of hot vapor. This usually happens if you use too much force on the drag of your intake. The density will also be intense and that reduces the chances of you being able to hold the inhale.

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8. Regular Maintenance

After all else is said and done, the best way to preserve the integrity of your flavor for the next session is to keep your unit good maintenance by regularly cleaning it. This is a practice that will prevent the cling of lingering flavors from transferring one blend of product to the next, prevent burning of any residues, and preserve the lifespan of your heating source and the battery.