Pulsar APX V2 Review

The Pulsar APX was, by all means, an excellent dry herb vaporizer. From its accurate temperature control to an excellent convection oven that effectively heated up your herbs. It wasn't without its own share of flaws, however. The all-new Version 2 of the Pulsar APX seeks to rectify those issues with a newly improved and upgraded airflow system not to mention a more ergonomic and user-friendly mouthpiece. While that all sounds fine and dandy on paper, let’s take a closer look at the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer and see if it's truly a step-up from its predecessor.



Key Features of the Pulsar APX V2 

The new Pulsar APX V2 is now smaller and more compact than ever. Featuring a form factor that manages to squeeze the overall dimensions of the device to just 4 inches in length. It's one of the tiniest convection-based dry herb vaporizers available today. The increased portability makes it an ideal device for vapers always on the go and those who like to travel light.

With the APX V2’s upgraded silicone vapor path, the device promises a much smoother and purer vapor. It lets you experience the true and unadulterated flavor of your preferred bud with every session. The new vapor path also results in a much cooler and relaxed vaping experience. This feature improves the vaping experience for those who dislike hot or even warm vapor.

While the Pulsar APX still doesn't feature a fully fledged precise temperature control, it manages to host 5 temperature presets with temperatures ranging from a low of 356°F all the way to the highest preset setting at 428°F. The wide range of available temperature presets give any vaper the flexibility they need when it comes to vaping their herb exactly the way they want it.

While most dry herb vaporizers that share a similar size category with the Pulsar APX typically use conduction ovens, the Pulsar APX V2 makes use of a fully fledged convection oven to heat up your dry herb. This results to a much more even distribution of heat across your dry herb and much more consistent vapor overall. The even heating process ensures that there are no hot spots in your chamber eliminating the possibility of any combusted herb.



  • Upgraded design of the mouthpiece makes for a much more comfortable vape session. It reduces the heat transferred to your lips.
  • Sturdier construction in comparison to the previous Pulsar APX. The V2 feels a lot more solid overall when held in hand.
  • Implementation of a smart LED system to indicate device status. It also shows current temperature presets make operating the device a lot easier.


  • Chamber size remains relatively unchanged, meaning that the Pulsar APX V2 is still best suited for personal use instead of vaping in groups.



True Convection Heating

The ceramic chamber of the Pulsar APX V2 is heated with a true-blue convection oven. Aside from delivering a much more consistent vapor, the convection oven also gives you a bit more leeway when it comes to filling the chamber with your herb of choice. You don't have to be as meticulous as you need to be when grinding and packing the herb in a conduction-type oven.

The convection oven also pretty much guarantees that you’ll never end up with burnt herb in your chamber. Just make sure you don't ramp up the temperature on the device too hard. The even distribution of heat also means that your herb is perfectly vaped. You won't have a mishmash of vaped and unvaped bud left in your bowl by the time your session is done.


Upgraded Version

The new and upgraded version of the Pulsar APX is smaller in dimensions when compared to its predecessor. When it comes to the aesthetics, fit and finish, the two are practically identical. The same can't be said about the design changes made underneath the hood however as the V2 does hold a few improvements under its belt.

One of the biggest changes seen in the V2 is the usage of silicone in place of the original stainless steel material used in creating the vapor pathways. The result is a marginally improved flavor. This mean less heat transmission from the oven to the mouthpiece leading to a much cooler device overall.

The V2 also forgoes the stainless steel filter used to keep particulate exiting the mouthpiece. While effective, the filter had the potential to be problematic when it came to maintenance. Cleaning and reinstalling it was a pain due to its tendency to be finicky with the placement potentially messing with the airflow.



Despite the similarities between the previous and updated versions of the Pulsar APX, there are still notable design changes evident with the Pulsar APX V2.  For starters, stainless steel button of the V1 has been replaced with a rubber button. It has a clicker tactile response when pressed. While it might sound trivial, the improved rubber button design makes those multiple presses a lot more intuitive in comparison.

The user interface is another area where the Pulsar APX V2 improves upon. The revised LED indicator system does a much better job at letting you know what temperature your device is currently at. This makes basic operations a whole lot easier, especially when using the device outdoors underneath the glare of direct sunlight.



Vapor Quality

For a dry herb vaporizer clocking in at 4 inches in length, the Pulsar APX V2 does a decent job at creating great tasting vapor. Vapor output and delivery is smooth and consistent, not to mention that the ceramic chamber does a great job of eliminating random hot spots when vaping your bud. That said, it doesn't differ very much from its predecessor so owners of the original Pulsar APX might not find much reason to upgrade.

The updated Pulsar APX V2 also lacks the APX W tank which enables the device to be used in tandem with concentrates, something that the original model included in the kit. It should be noted however that those who already own the tank from their purchase of the APX V1 can still use it on the APX V2. So while this newer and updated version might not support vaping concentrates straight out of the box, purchasing the APX W tank separately is still an option.

Another caveat with this updated version is not much has been changed about the battery life. The Pulsar APX V2 packs an internal 1600mAh battery which really doesn't go the distance when it comes to heavy all day vaping. For the infrequent or occasional vaper, it’s more than adequate, however. Just don't expect to bring the device to a party, sharing it with friends and expect the battery life to last you all night.


How to Use the Pulsar APX V2

Like most portable dry herb vaporizers, the Pulsar APX V2 is pretty straightforward when it comes to basic operation. Here’s a step by step guide to get you started:

1) Make sure the device is charged. The kit comes with a micro USB cable that you can easily plug into your laptop, desktop computer, or any powered USB port such as your mobile phones wall charger.

2) Snap off the mouthpiece then carefully load your ground up herb into the chamber. Make sure you don't pack it in too tightly and allow some room for heat and air to circulate freely within the herb chamber. Snap the mouthpiece back in place.

3) Press the power button quickly 5 times in succession to turn on the device.

4)  To select your preferred temperature preset, hold the power button for 3 seconds to let the APX cycle between presets. When the indicator for you preferred preset lights up, let go of the power button to confirm the temperature preset setting.

5) Wait for about 30 seconds for the device to reach your selected temperature then inhale from the mouthpiece while holding down the power button. If you feel that you want to change the temperature setting mid-session, repeat step 4 and the device will automatically ramp up or down in temperature mid-session until your newly selected target temperature has been reached.



Technical Specs

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Dimensions: 1.25 x 3.75 x 5.25 in.
  • Weight: 0.39 lbs.
  • Temperature Range: 356F-428F
  • Available Colors: Black Wood Grain, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Urban, Skulls, Silver
  • Vaporizer Type: Portable
  • Vaporizer Compatibility: Dry Herb (wax concentrate w/ optional purchase of APX W tank)
  • Delivery Method: Direct Draw
  • Heat Source: Battery
  • Voltage: 110v


Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 x Pulsar APX V2
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Replacement Mouthpiece