Kandypens Rubi Review

Kandypens Rubi Review


What is the typical price range?

For $50 and below, buying the Rubi is a deal. The Rubi is a specially handcrafted gadget, built to last and is sold with a lifetime warranty all for just a price under $50.

The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer has a high value considering its sensible price and unrivaled vaping potential. It is furnished with the best in class OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology, enabling you to extract your preferred oils and e-liquids to make fulfilling and full-enhanced vapor while keeping potency and purity. The gadget emits a superb and polished vibe for the advanced customer.


What are the benefits?

The primary advantage of dry herb vaporizers is that it is seen as a secure way to gain the benefits of cannabis. As opposed to smoking, vaping dry flowers can produce clean, durable, and healthy vapor. Vapor is free of unsafe chemicals such as tar and cancer-causing agents, which result from burning. Dry herb vapes use a technical method that makes a clean switch from fluid to vapor.

Moreover, dry herb vaporizers allow the safe use of cannabis since the vapor discharges less pungent flavor. Understanding how to utilize the best dry herb vape is usually easier than understanding how to smoke weed. The best dry herb vaporizers are simple to use and effectively enter your bag.

A vape pen is a perfect alternative to using papers. It heats the buds to a sufficiently high temperature with the goal that it turns into an inhalable vapor. Nonetheless, it doesn't consume the material, so no burning happens.


What are the cons?

  • User must open the unit to check the amount of juice left
  • Sold with no e-liquid to begin
  • Less powerful battery
  • Draw resistance is higher than expected.


What are the unique features of this pen?

Pod-Based Open System; While other pod-based vaporizers are constrained to pre-filled cartridges, the KandyPens RUBI utilizes an open framework. Unlike pre-filled pods, an open system doesn't restrain what flavor will be vaped during every session. Built with a refillable 1ml unit, the RUBI's open system enables the client to effortlessly open and top off the case with their preferred fluid or concentrates, regardless of the maker. The units include a watertight structure with no spit back from the mouthpiece, as well as an innovative heating coil that makes dense, full-enhanced vapor.


Advanced Ceramic Coil Technology; To guarantee premium vapor quality, the KandyPens RUBI cases include a ceramic coil wrapped by Japanese cotton. Built with a heating component that is 1.6 ohm and a battery that gives 8.5 watts of intensity, the RUBI will deliver big clouds of clean vapor. To fill a RUBI case, open the plug from the side of the pod and load up with your preferred liquid or concentrates.


A robust Pod Vaporizer ; The KandyPens RUBI includes a 280mAh battery with a fast revive time of around 30 minutes. It comes with a universal Micro USB charging port, and the RUBI is simple to charge. When it's ultimately charged, you can expect around 50 draws before recharging.


What is the warranty?

KandyPens offers a Lifetime Warranty on their products. If your battery has a problem, you can contact the KandyPens customer support for assistance. The lifetime warranty does not supports atomizers. Most atomizers will need repair after using it for a long time.


How long has the company been around? What is the background of Kandypens company?

Kandypens is among the main vaporizer marks on the planet, and they offer items including dry aromatic material, concentrates, oils, and so on. The man who owns Kandy Pens, Graham Gibson, In April 2015, Gibson told a Phoenix tech-news site, which called Gibson a "serial entrepreneur," that he needed Kandy Pens to turn into the "Apple of the portable Vape industry."