G Pen Pro Vaporizer Review

Bearing the iconic flagship status of Grenco Science, the G Pen Pro is their touted go-to portable dry herb vaporizer. With multiple heating stages, a high-quality ceramic oven, and a compact yet powerful integrated battery, the G Pen Pro can be considered a major upgrade over its small brother, G Pen Slim. With it's simple and no-frills interface it can be assumed that the G Pen Pro is a vape pen designed with the beginners in mind. Let's take a closer look at the entire package, see how it performs, and also see if its a good fit for your needs.



Key Features of the G Pen Pro:

Dedicated Dry Herb Chamber

With an oven designed to vape dry herbs and only dry herbs, that's a good indicator that the G Pen Pro is more than adequate. It's reallty nothing to handle when it comes to convection heating of your loose leaf.

0.2-gram Ceramic Oven

While definitely not the largest oven in the market, the ceramic chamber holds just the right amount for a single session.

Multiple Temperature Presets

With up to three temperature presets, the G Pen Pro manages to give you the flexibility to control the dose you're getting from your herb. Keep things milds at 375F, go hard at 400F, or get blazed at 428F.

Slim & Compact Design

The portable and streamlined chassis of the G Pen Pro makes it the ideal device to take with you on the go, easily slipping into your pocket and effortlessly blending into the crowd with its discreet design.



  • Thanks to the ceramic oven, the G Pen Pro is simple and easy to clean since you're not going to get any gunk or resin sticking inside the chamber itself. Just a few simple brushes will easily do the trick to keep in tip-top shape.
  • The easy to access chamber also makes the G Pen Pro a breeze to load up with your dry herb of choice.
  • The even conduction heating and clean flavor produced by the ceramic chamber also means that the G Pen Pro produces some pretty outstanding vapor. You can expect consistent and flavorful hits with every puff with no difficulty at all.
  • The wide temperature range is great for those who like to vape their dry herb at multiple temperature stages, all the way down from mild micro-dosing to heavy-duty vaping sessions.
  • The G Pen Pro allows for pass-through charging meaning you can use the device while it's being charged. This can be pretty convenient for when in a pinch and really can't wait for the pen to charge up.



  • Not really a con, but the G Pen Pro vapes via 2-minute sessions so it might not be the best device for those who prefer to take only 1 or 2 quick hits before putting away their vape pen.
  • The silicone mouthpiece also has the tendency to give off a funny aftertaste but this is only when vaping with a brand-new mouthpiece. You can expect the aftertaste to go away after some use.
  • The high temperature preset can get too warm, something that can be easily felt throughout the body of the device and on your lips despite the silicone mouthpiece.



Temperature Settings

While the G Pen Pro has support for 3 presets we've found that the most ideal settings to use the device in are the low (blue) preset which clocks in at 375F and the medium (green) which hits a temperature of 400F. The highest (red) setting can get pretty toasty at 428F. While the G Pen Pro still manages to avoid combusting the herb at this setting, it doesn't produce the most comfortable vaping experience.


Vapor Quality

For a compact and portable vape pen, the G Pen Pro produces a highly satisfactory vapor with clean flavor and strong vapor output. While it might not compare to the performance of larger albeit non-portable desktop vaporizers, it's hard to find anything to complain about when vaping on the G Pen Pro. Your mileage may vary though as some users have reported that the high temperature preset tends to produce a slightly unsavory flavor, so it might be a good idea to stick to either the low or medium temperature settings on this device.


Build Quality

The construction of the G Pen Pro is as sturdy as it gets; there's no creaking or rattling on this device which is an issue that usually plagues lower quality vape pens. Everything from the fit and finish of the micro USB charging port to the quality of the firing button reeks of quality so you definitely need not worry about the G Pen Pro giving up on you. The silicone sleeve is also a nice touch, funny smell aside as its quite effective at preventing most of the heat coming from the oven from reaching your lips not to mention also makes vaping on the device a lot more comfortable.




The battery on the G Pen Pro gives off about 1-2 hours worth of vaping power which is more than enough (at least in our case). Charging time is relatively quick as well with the included charging cable so won't have any issues with the downtime of this device in between charges also considering it supports USB pass-through charging. One minor downside is that the battery isn't user replaceable so you should expect the overall cell life of the battery to diminish after a couple years of regular use.


Ease of Use

Thanks to its one button design, the G Pen Pro is one of the easier to use and more beginner-friendly portable vape pens around. Cleaning the chamber is also a breeze thanks to the ceramic material that can be easily maintained with a few quick swipes of the included brush. The mouthpiece also easily slides off with a simple push giving you instant access to the chamber for quick cleaning and reloading of the bowl.



Technical Specs

  • Designed in California
  • For use with: Dry Herb
  • Heating type: Convection
  • Heating Element: Ceramic
  • Chamber Material: Ceramic
  • Mouthpiece Material: Silicone
  • Heat Up Time: 30 seconds
  • Temperature Settings: 3 Preset
  • Temperature Range: 375°F, 400°F, and 428°F
  • Delivery Method: Direct Pull
  • Average Battery Life: 2 continuous hours
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3 hours



How to Use the G Pen Pro

After hooking up and fully charging the G Pen Pro to an outlet via the included charging cable, load up the chamber with your herb of choice by simple pushing sideways on the mouthpiece and snapping it back on when done refilling. Click on the fire button five times to turn on the device and begin the heating process. To select your desired temperature preset, simply press and hold the button until the LED light changes to the color indicating your preferred temperature. Each session lasts for 2 minutes after which the G Pen Pro will automatically shut down and cool off.