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Best Vaporizers for Dabs and Wax


Dab pens and wax vaporizers are two of the most recent vaping industry inventions. Because of their convenience of usage, confidentiality, and mobility, wax pens have become a very popular way of cannabis consumption as dispensaries become more widespread.

1. Crystal 2 by KandyPens

This is KandyPens’ latest vape device, designed to work with any kind of wax and oil products. The quartz chamber provides a pure, unadulterated flavor while also extending the life of your oil. Just press the power button two times to have the coil heated for 8 to 10 seconds automatically.

2. C-Box MINI

This new, small, and powerful C-Box MINI vaporizer battery is a bang. It costs about $20 and includes all of the features consumers look for in a vape cartridge battery. Any cartridge with a diameter of 11mm or less will fit within this device.

3. PCKT One Plus

It’s really compact, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise battery life to do so. It contains a highly long-lasting 660mAh battery that hardly reduces while not being used. Just attach the adapter to your cartridge and insert it into the device. The cartridge will then be secured magnetically.

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