Getting Your Crafty and Mighty Vaporizers Pristine Clean

Cleaning your Crafty & Mighty vaporizers should be done around every twelve sessions. This will make the unit clean and offer you a fresh and pleasant vapor output. The top section, which includes the cooling unit, is the one that requires the most attention. The base screen in the chamber should survive for a long… Continue reading Getting Your Crafty and Mighty Vaporizers Pristine Clean

Everything You Should Know About Loading Your Pen Vaporizer with Wax

We know you are here to discover how to pack a vape pen, so let’s get started. The instructions below apply to many vaporizer pens that use wax and oil concentrate. The basic architecture of almost all dab pens is the same: a power source, a chamber, and a tip. To begin, remove the pen’s… Continue reading Everything You Should Know About Loading Your Pen Vaporizer with Wax

Boundless CF Review

It’s a good portable vaporizer that’s reasonably priced—a good substitute for the XMAX Starry, or maybe something similar. Suppose you’re seeking an entry-level pocket vaporizer with minimal gimmicks that function well right out of the packaging and have sufficient battery performance. In that case, this one is certainly worth a look. It doesn’t have a… Continue reading Boundless CF Review

Boundless CFX Review

The Boundless CFX is a pocket vaporizer with a modest price tag that produces good and pleasant vapor. With this one, you won’t have to spend a fortune simply to vape your herbs. Perhaps it isn’t the best-designed device we’ve ever seen, and people will notice if you use it in public. However, if you… Continue reading Boundless CFX Review

The Mighty Vaporizer Review

The Mighty is our all-time favorite vaporizer. We truly believe it is amazing. The vapor produced by this device is wonderful, and the battery is also excellent. After all, it’s just a fantastic vaporizer in general. In terms of flavor output, this is the greatest portable vaporizer. What we enjoy best about the Mighty is… Continue reading The Mighty Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2+ Review

The Firefly 2+ is recommended for anyone new to vaporizing as well as those who wish to jump up a notch from a cheaper vaporizer. This not only looks amazing, but the vapor it produces is excellent. The old Firefly 2 was a decent vaporizer, but it was difficult to handle. You’d have to learn… Continue reading Firefly 2+ Review

Best Vaporizers for Dabs and Wax

Dab pens and wax vaporizers are two of the most recent vaping industry inventions. Because of their convenience of usage, confidentiality, and mobility, wax pens have become a very popular way of cannabis consumption as dispensaries become more widespread. 1. Crystal 2 by KandyPens This is KandyPens’ latest vape device, designed to work with any… Continue reading Best Vaporizers for Dabs and Wax

Arizer Solo 2 Review

It’s a significantly enhanced version of the old Solo that’s well worth a look. The functionality is excellent, it’s easy to clean and maintain, and the battery lasts forever. What else could you ask for? It’s undeniably one of the greatest vaporizers on the market today that comes at a reasonable price. If you’d like… Continue reading Arizer Solo 2 Review